Durable lightweight composite bridges for a variety of purposes

139 / 5,000 CSUB offers fibre-reinforced composite bridges, with superb properties in terms of strength/weight, lifetime, maintenance requirements and carbon footprint.

Our focus areas are:
Pedestrian and cycle bridges, wildlife crossing bridges, replacement bridges and additions to existing bridges.

The low weight of the bridges makes for an efficient installation. For example, a bridge span of 20 meters was installed in 40 minutes using a relatively small mobile crane. Foundations can be built for the bridge landings without disturbing traffic, if the bridge is to cross a road or rail.
The traffic/train must stop for a short period (2-4 hours with a safety margin) during lifting/installation.

CSUB has delivered bridges of up to 60 metres.

Seesaw bridge,

Girder bridge,
Arendal and Bergen

Truss bridge,
Paradis, Bergen

CSUB is a total supplier of fibre-reinforced composite solutions

CSUB is a leading developer and manufacturer of composite solutions for underwater installations, fish farming, construction and energy production.

Low weight combined with good mechanical and chemical properties make composite a very good alternative to traditional materials such as steel, aluminum and concrete.

Architectural freedom

Minimal maintenance

High strength vs. weight

Low CO2 emissions

Simple and quick installation

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Claes William Olsen